【Sharing through Manga!】Fashion Advice for Plus-Size Girls: “Just the Right Fit”

Episode 1 Now Streaming on cocochic Online Store


T-CLOTH Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Miyakojima-ku, Osaka / Representative: Noboru Takenaka), an apparel manufacturer exclusively for plus-size girls, has launched a series of manga providing fashion tips for them on their online store “cocochic”.【cocochic】https://cocochic.jp/

 Wondering “What should I choose?” “How should I match it?” “How should I wear it?”… We’ll be sharing messages from our sales staff to address these concerns of plus-size girls through the manga illustrations by the talented artist Hara, allowing you to enjoy stylish outfits every day.

The first episode, “Just the Right Fit Over Oversize”, is followed by the planned second episode, “Did You Know? Just the Right Fit”.

Hara is a manga artist who empathizes with plus-size girls and advocates for the concept of “body positivity.” Drawing from personal experiences confronting eating disorders and appearance-related insecurities, Hara creates illustrations and essay comics depicting the lives of plus-size girls.

▼Check out Episode 1 of the Sales Staff’s One-Point Advice Manga Here!▼ 


Company Overview

T-CLOTH Co., Ltd.

Address: 2-3-13 Takakura-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

Representative: CEO Noboru Takenaka

Established: July 2006

Business Activities: Manufacture and wholesale of Plus-Size women’s apparel

 This press release was created with the assistance of Business Restructuring Subsidies.

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